We are grateful to your generous donations in support of our November 2012 international premiere of Red Snow at the ACT Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival with special thanks to: Canada Council for the Arts, Aluna Theatre, Canada ALPHA Educational Fund, TAPATrip, JUST BB Co. Ltd, Storytelling Toronto tellers,  Sushi Making for the Soul , University of Toronto,  Aphrodite Cooks, Zen Climb

Indiegogo Red Snow Shanghai Donations:

PEACOCK~its feathers are the eyes of heaven, the lights that symbolize wisdom, knowledge, integrity, rebirth and immortality:  Lorenzo Cosentino, Peter Gardiner-Harding, Mohamed Khaki, Donald MacQuarrie, Chikako Nagayama, Nelson Wijaya

SWAN~directs us towards the depths of our dreams and feelings, moving with grace on a journey of love and transformation:  Henry Chan, Joannie Chow, Antony Christie, Cary Chu, fu-GEN Theatre Company, Ellen Jaffe, Diego Matamoros, Peter Tay

HUMMINGBIRD~is the celebration of life, a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible & is the light in the darkness:  Andrea Bean, Genevieve Cholette, Rosie Feasby, Barbara Gordon, Jeremy Edwardes, Janet Hine, Luciano Iogna, Michael Kozlow, Amy Lee, Keith Lock, Ken Pak, Talia Pura, Doris Sung, Siu Ta, Kai Wang, Anne Wilde, Gren-Erich Zwicker

DOVE~its voice has many cultural meanings from evoking rain in the skies to nourishing the earth to its cry indicating the passing of a soul on earth to a sacred place of peace: Bernice Avruskin, Andrea Davis, Amy Kwok, Munawarali Najafi, Sahar Ostetto, Valeria Sing Turner, Alan Wong, Yaya Yao

BLUE JAY~resonates truth & solidarity with the clarity in vision for a higher truth; its blue color symbolizes its link to heaven and its black color symbolizes its link to earth:  Karen Blair, Sarah Bleiwas, Beverley J. Cooper, Carol Farkas, Angelica Feijoo, Rong Fu, Faisal Ibrahim, Marcia Johnson, Esther Jun, Karie Richards, Pierre Simpson, Sally Stubbs

We are grateful to our supporters of our January 2012 world premiere of Red Snow in Toronto.  Your names were acknowledged in our original Red Snow progrmame. Special thanks to: Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Canada ALPHA Educational Fund, Toronto ALPHA, Aluna Theatre, Native Earth Performing Arts, Theatre Centre, fu-GEN Theatre Company, Toronto Board of Education, Playwrights Guild of Canada, STAF, Printthree, CODE, NAAAP Toronto, Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Diaspora Dialogues, JUST BB Co. Ltd