The Vision

  • To create theatre that merges Eastern and Western storytelling forms, music and movement that engages and provokes audiences, cross borders and challenges the norm
  • To speak stories that reflect universal human experiences
  • To build bridges and dialogue between communities through art and theatre

Playwright’s Notes

Unlike the Jewish Holocaust, the Rape of Nanking and many atrocities of WWII history in Asia have not been allowed catharsis. People are still fighting to unbury the truth and find a way to be heard and to heal. There still has been no official apology or compensation for the victims of Nanking, as the Japanese government continues to deny their responsibility for this crime against humanity. This forgotten holocaust deserves a voice. As a theatre artist, the stage is Diana’s platform to speak creatively and publicly in advocating art for justice and human rights, healing, peace and reconciliation.

Red Snow script available at:

Upcoming Diana Tso’s new play, comfort, continues to bring to light further atrocities in WWII history in Asia and gives voice to the “comfort women”, over 200,000 women in sexual slavery under Japan’s military.  Few have lived or have had the courage to share their stories and begin to heal and break the silence.  Now grandmothers they continue to fight for justice over 75 years later.  comfort honors their voices and is inspired by the resilience of women in war.  The play is in development for 2015 with its production in 2016.