January 16 to 19, 2012 – RED SNOW Workshops for Students and Teachers “A Collective Voice of Our History”
Using text from the play, Red Snow, participants work as an ensemble to bring their own creative expressions to the text through diverse theatrical, cultural and historical lens, with the guidance of professional artists in the Red Snow Collective.  redsnowcollective@gmail.com

October 21 to 23, 2011 – CODE Annual Conference for teachers and artists “History through Drama: A Platform for Change and Social Justice”
EMPOWER your voice through historical experiences. ENGAGE the past with the present through transformative and creative ways of art for change and social justice through poetry, playwriting and performance. EXPLORE storytelling that merges diverse cultural forms of speaking out our histories and herstories with a playwright whose upcoming play, Red Snow, weaves Chinese opera and Western theatre to give voice to a forgotten holocaust. www.code.on.ca

Saturday, October 1 2011 @ 1:30pm – 4:30pm- Culture Days
Free Workshop located at Runnymede Library 2178 Bloor Street West at Runnymede subway station

“History Without Borders”, organized by Red Snow Collective and Toronto ALPHA. Join the community in sharing your story of war, yesterday and today. Give voice to “our” history, an inclusive one, that we can dialogue on peace for today and tomorrow. www.culturedays.ca