Hear what audiences say about Red Snow:

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Feedback on the Public Reading of Red Snow at the October 2010
International Conference on WWII History in Asia: Forgotten Voices, Living History

“The forgiveness in your play, Diana, is breathtaking. A healing, powerful work. This shows to me again, the role of art to heal us. Thank you for this labour of your soul.”
Joy Kogawa

“From my conversation with other friends last night, I could sense their emotion after the reading. We hope this play will be seen by a lot more people, young and old. Broken hearts have to be soothed and healed, and let no more hatred linger around, and let no more war happen again.”
Dr. Joseph Yu-Kai Wong

“I was so happy that I got to hear your reading of Red Snow yesterday, congratulations on it! Interweaving the Chinese opera plot through the modern story is a wonderful structure, and the music adds beautifully to the piece. The whole piece was very evocative and moving, enhanced I’m sure by the conference it was a part of. I look forward to the production next year!”
Catherine Frid

“Red Snow is wonderful. So powerful and moving. I really felt the pain of the characters. You have done an incredible job and it will be even more amazing once it is mounted.” Sari Colt

“I watched the reading of your play yesterday and just wanted to say it made me cry! It was SO amazing, you are so very talented, lady! Please let me know when the production is in Toronto, I’d love to see the play with all it’s elements!”
Gloria Tong

“Diana’s Red Snow was impressive in so many ways! Professor Liu and I have been exchanging ideas and thoughts. Please give our sincere congratulations to her and the creative artists!”
Fan Hao and Professor Liu of Nanjing University

“I just wanted to say that I saw the presentation of your play Red Snow. I thought it was beautiful, moving, powerful, poetic. I feel like it’s a play that is so important to Canadian theatre and education.
Chase Lo