Red Snow Reviews are in!

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“a graceful, moving production”
“both the poetic script and the impressive production are full of heart. They start the process of healing by beginning a discussion that leads to forgiveness”
~ Now Toronto ~

“This is one of those special times when everything works. Playwright/Producer Diana Tso has created an astonishing, almost unbelievable work.”
“It is very difficult to do justice to Red Snow in a review. It is also impossible to not to want to share with my friends how good it is. Red Snow is groundbreaking and brave. It is a stunning success. Go see it.”
~ Mooney Theater ~

“Red Snow is the type of theatre we need more of in Toronto. It asks questions, it shows us the wide spectrum of humanity, and urges us to change our perspectives, but not in a preachy way.”
“Richard Tse played Gung Gung with so much emotion and pain it brought several around me to tears as he recalled the events he witnessed in China.”
“For theatre that makes you think, head to Theatre Passe Muraille to see Red Snow, and bring a friend, because you are going to want to talk about it immediately after the show.”
~ Charpo Canada ~